• ELECTRIC PEACE 1981-1985 the early years


    Electric Peace was a Los Angeles punk, psycho-hellic band that was active from 1981-1989.

    This release covers the 1981-1985 years and is sometimes referred to as the Greg Welsh years.

    These tracks were previously released on vinyl as " Road to Peace " and " Rest in Peace " . 

    This is not a vinyl rip to CD but was digitally mastered way back in 1985 !

    How is that possible, when only the biggest acts like Bruce Springsteen were starting to have releases on CD?

    Well, through a mix up at the Capital records mastering studio and  Enigma records, an order for a digital master was made. Although there  was never a CD release for Electric Peace at the time, the Sony Umatic  digital tape survived. So, now it is finally made available in all its  digital hi-fidelity quality. Don't let anyone fool you, digital IS  better than vinyl because there is no RIAA pre and post equalization  done to the music. And there is no generational loss either.

    Celebrities like Dave Grohl and Jack White don't know what they're talking about when they say vinyl is better.

    Further  enhancements where made to bring out the vocals using modern vocal  isolation techniques. The songs couldn't be remixed because the 2" 24  track tapes were sold decades ago for scrap. Producer Marc Antonio  Pritchett gives these tracks a final mastering polish. Electric Peace has attained a cult status through the years.

    greg welsh,brian kild, rick winward

      Greg Welsh played guitar on everything except track 1. He died from AIDS in 1990 (he was not gay).
    B.Kild  played bass,organ and did all the singing. He went to prison in the  1990's for a robbery conviction.

     He was murdered in 2014 over a car repair.
    Jonathon Melvoin ( Smashing Pumpkins, died 1996 ) played drums on track 1
    Jay Ziskrout ( founded Bad Religion ) played drums on tracks 2,4,5,6,7,8,9
    Rick Winward played drums on tracks 10,11,12,13,14,15
    The drummer with no name played drums on track 3 ( know one can remember his name )
    Hollywood Joe played lead guitar, background vocals track 1
    Chuck Winston played acoustic guitar , background vocals track 1
    Doby Daenger ( actress, My name is Earl ) sang background vocals tracks 3,8
    Eric Westfall played organ on track 11
    Tish Lucca played flute track 11